Do you find yourself easily agitated, excessively worried, irritable, having intrusive thoughts related to a specific life event? Do you withdraw from certain people and places hoping to avoid reliving an adverse experience? If so, then you may be experiencing symptoms related to an unresolved psychological/emotional trauma.

We're here to help. 

Unresolved trauma can permeate into many areas of your life, manifesting into isolation, lack of motivation, excessive worry,  physical tension in your body, and other forms of social and emotional disintegration. Although consciously or subconsciously you may be protecting yourself from reliving an undesirable experience, until you process and develop an understanding, the unresolved trauma will continue to be present in different areas of your life.

First Love Yourself Counseling is a lifestyle-brand of therapy where we want you to feel empowered to prioritize your mental health, practice the tools needed to lift yourself out of any situation, and have unwavering confidence while doing so- essentially we want you to F.L.Y. and be FLY in all that you do! We want to engage you in this therapeutic process so that your healing can have a positive impact in your life, the lives of those closest to you, and ultimately the larger community and world. But it starts with you, first.




If you're looking for a space to feel supported yet challenged to overcome problematic issues by resolving cyclical patterns, then you have come to the right place. First Love Yourself Counseling wants to give you the space to explore and conquer psychological barriers impeding you from being the best version of yourself.

Hi. My name is Essence and I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in trauma processing and boundary setting. I want to help you alleviate the symptoms of unresolved trauma so that you can diminish the role it has played in your life once and for all.


I also want to work with you to establish, develop, and maintain healthy boundaries in all areas your life. I will work to help you avoid repeating behaviors that leave you susceptible to being taken advantage of which will help to increase your level of confidence in various areas of your life.

Start the process of liberating yourself to F.L.Y by grabbing a complimentary copy of my newly developed 'The Everyday People's Guide to Trauma'.




Our mission is to provide top notch confidential therapeutic service to

individuals seeking guidance, clarity, and insight into their life experiences.

Walking in the park

Walk & Talk Therapy

Sessions are conducted in the same way as traditional counseling where we process challenges.

Bright Room

In-Office Session

Sessions take place at The Historic Lansdowne Theater Suite 203. Sessions open to private pay and insurance clients.

Virtual counseling

Telemental Health

Skip the drive and the waiting room! Confidential, virtual counseling where you can access counseling services using any device in the location of your choice via our HIPPA compliant platform. 

Only open to private pay clients. 



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