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Celebrate Your Wins!

Exhale...we made it to 2021!

If nothing else, the last twelve months have shown us that there is so much that is out of our control, even when we have good intentions and well thought out plans. While we can make attempts to plan for many things, one of the best steps we can take for our own mental health, is to go with the f l o w (deep breath and exhale on that last word). Often with the uncertainty of the current times it is easy to lose track of your personal progress and even diminish the extent of your personal growth due to the comparison of larger societal constraints and frustrations. I.e. "Oh wow, I got a promotion at work but the sky is falling-great." {insert: sarcasm, however at different points throughout 2020, it did feel that way!} Or "Wow, I had enough energy and motivation to complete all of my hygiene and grooming this week-but oh, the number of COVID cases are still on the rise."

While it is important to remain engaged and aware of the things going on around you, it is just as important to remain aware and engaged with the things happening within you. This is why I am encouraging each and every one of us to keep track of and celebrate our 'wins'-no matter how small or large. You can do this by checking in with yourself at the end of each week and take inventory on what went well for you. What made you laugh? Did you have an interaction that put a smile on your face? Who made you feel good about yourself this week? What did you complete this week that gave you some relief? To take this a step further, you can even write down your Weekly Wins and keep track of them-I have done this at different points in my life and at the end of the year I review them and it brings me so much joy and laughter to recall all of the big and small experiences that I had that contributed to my happiness and growth. Now more than ever, I feel it is so important to share this activity with as many people as I can. I simply write my Weekly Wins down and I put them inside an empty tissue box for safe keeping or keep-saking (however you want to look at it lol) and I call it the Weekly Win Box!

Below is a picture that I took of the tissue box that I use with a small piece of paper with one of my Weekly Wins on it and it's as simple as that! And here's a secret; I don't even wait for the end of the year to review them-when I need a 'pick-me-up' I grab one or two of my Weekly Wins from the box to put a smile on my face and to remind me of the success and growth that I am capable of! I also wanted to share an actual picture of one of my Weekly Wins-something I am so proud of-my stationary bike! This was huge for me because I put it together by myself (!!!!!!)

So, you know what I did right? I added my personal win of putting the bike together to my Weekly Win Box! And to ensure that I can continue to remember to celebrate myself by adding more wins to my Weekly Win Box I wear my FLY Accountability Wristband to help me stay on track with my goals. This is a great personal accountability tool to help hold yourself accountable for attaining your goals! It's a simple wristband that comes in two colors-purple and white or black and white and it comes with a small information card where you can write down some of your immediate, short, and long term goals! It features the phrase "Remember to FLY" as a reminder to First Love Yourself so you can remain focused on your goals. You can purchase a FLY Accountability Wristband for yourself, loved one or friend here and it can also be found on the 'Shop' of this website! Watch the video below to learn a bit more about the wristbands!

Let me know what you have to celebrate this year thus far and if the Weekly Win Box seems like an activity that you would use to keep track of your personal progress! I look forward to connecting with you soon and remember, 'You gotta have love to spread love, so why not First Love Yourself?' :-)

Purchase your FLY Accountability Wristband here.

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07 juin 2022

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