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Trauma Healing Program

No matter what you have been through, you deserve love and healing!
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Imagine having the freedom from being emotionally triggered by conversations, people, places, and experiences. Finally, breaking the cycle of being emotionally activated causing you to relive your past bringing about feelings of anger, guilt, embarrassment, panic, stress, depression, etc.

Through my Trauma Healing Program you will gain emotional freedom from mentally binding stress related to previous experiences of trauma

How do you know if this program is right for you?

Do you sometimes become irritable, tense, or panicked without a direct cause in the moment?

You don’t feel a strong connection to your sexuality.  You seem to have “lost” your libido... or maybe you feel as if you never had it in the first place.


You feel compulsive about sex or do you find yourself acting out in ways that you feel guilty about and ashamed of?


You tend to “lose” yourself in relationships where you feel compelled to please your partner by sacrificing your own needs, believing it is the only way for your to stay connected.


Do you find yourself often pushing others away and having a general mistrust of others that impact the quality of your



Have you been the victim of an unwanted sexual experience and been told that was “common” or “not a big deal” as other relatives or friends may have experienced something similar?

If at least two or more of these statements resonated with you, then you may be experiencing unresolved trauma. I want to work with you as my private Trauma Healing Program may be the exclusive experience you need to help you recover from your trauma once and for all.

The First Love Yourself Trauma Healing Program is a twelve week intensive program that uses in depth healing techniques to help you understand, explore, and heal once and for all from your experience of sexual abuse-which may have occurred at any point in your life.

Hi my name is Essence Cohen Fields, I hold a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine and I am a Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in trauma processing and boundary setting. In this program, I am bringing over 10 years of clinical experience and I will be your Trauma Healing Coach using empirically proven reprocessing techniques to diminish your emotional relationship to trauma and replacing it with clear boundaries and positive thoughts about yourself and outlook on your life.

For 12 consecutive weeks you will receive one-on-one virtual coaching sessions using empirically researched trauma-informed techniques used to resolve intense feelings surrounding trauma experiences. Through this program I will help you identify and relieve limiting beliefs that you have been holding on to as a result of your trauma. You will learn Emotional Freedom Techniques used to develop your own personalized mantra as a coping skill,  and an outline of personalized measurable goals to obtain that will guide you on sustaining progress throughout treatment and once the program has concluded. You will also get a signed copy of my book, “A Lesson on How to FLY: Understanding the Correlation Between Self-Love, Healing, and Personal Success”, and an exclusively designed shirt for clients of The First Love Yourself Trauma Healing Program as it is important to feel and look good as it encourages the therapeutic process outside of sessions


Here is what clients have said about working with me:​

I have been working with Essence for a few months, I appreciate her spirit and desire to help people. At times it is like speaking with a friend when engaged in conversation with her because she makes you feel comfortable to openly express your self in a safe environment. With no judgment, Essence provides effective tools and other alternative coping skills for dealing with life stressors. 

- Lynia MC.

I started therapy shaken from the end of a terrible relationship. I felt comfortable and supported with Mrs. Cohen Fields. She was kind, understanding, and guided me through processing my emotions in a safe environment. Throughout my time with her, I gained a new sense of self-respect. Now, I am truly standing strong and loving myself first.

- Cierra S.


This is an intensive program that replaces years of therapy so that you can experience healing and relief from triggering situations once and for all.

Because this an intensive 12 week program, limited spaces have been made available.  In order to provide the best and individually tailored experience, I am only able to keep a limited number of clients enrolled in the program at one time. Be one of the exclusive few and reserve your spot today as spaces fill quickly!

Not sure if this is right for you? Schedule your free 10 minute discovery call where I will provide a brief assessment as to whether or not you would be a good candidate for the program! There are varying degrees of trauma and depending on how intense your experiences may have been, you may want to enter the program for a second round in which the program will be offered at a discounted rate.

Are you ready to heal? Let’s get started on your journey to First Love Yourself! Sign-up  to reserve your spot in the Trauma Healing Program now!


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