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Mind vs Heart: Why So Serious?...Let Your Guard Down Sometime!

The world we live in can sometimes cause us to be hardened and easily rejecting of others. This can result in an air of distance that you may or may not inadvertently be projecting. Because of this air of distance it may appear to others that you may not ‘want to be bothered’ or that you are just ‘over’ everything. Although at times it is good to have a thick skin and wear our pseudo-amour it is also important to recognize the moments where we need to let our guard down.

Even when you make attempts at going out and having a fun night about town, your guard my still be up as you may be accustomed to keeping others at bay. If you find yourself wanting to have fun and be more approachable to men but find it difficult, then you may be reverting to keeping your guard up as a defense mechanism. When you are able to relax and truly enjoy yourself, you become more attractive-literally. Men and women will want to be around you more, resulting in more potential suitors as well as more invites to ‘girls or guys night out’!

Think about why you may be unable to let your guard down; are you nervous, bored, unhappy with the atmosphere, or something else that may be affecting your mood? Being able to look at your situation introspectively will allow you to identify the root of your demeanor and to better understand and relate to those around you. A way to remind yourself to be more approachable is to ask yourself “why so serious?” when you are out and about and you find yourself being distant. This will hopefully remind you to relax your shoulders, smile a little bit deeper and laugh more often. Try it!

So, how do you relax and enjoy the environment when you’re out and about?

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Unknown member
Jun 07, 2022

very nice

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